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NEXT EVENT:  Speed Dating: COVID Edition!

Who was that masked (wo)man anyway?!

(new date not yet known...see video below)

Saturday, July 25th


@ Bridge Press Cellars, Spokane

Governor Jay Inslee's new restrictions on social gatherings includes 

canceling all live entertainment starting July 20, 2020.



Speed Dating: COVID Edition!

Who was that masked (wo)man anyway?!

Let's make GREAT Covid memories by Speed Dating (but with masks)!

SIX to EIGHT dates in one night AND dancing... for just $25!!

Speed Dating Spokane is baaaaaaccckkkk!! Woo-hoo!

Join FUN singles for an evening of laughter,

flirting, dating, music and dancing!

Speed Dating is not only HIP and FUN but also

cost-effective and a great use of your time!

Want to know more? Well, read on because

we have a really COOL event planned for you in July!

On Saturday, July 25th, we'll be Speed Dating at Bridge Press Cellars in Spokane! Have you SEEN this place? It is awesome! I know you're going to LOVE the vibe of the whole bar but the Brick Room is just swan-ky and has ambiance galore!

Annnnnnd, as a BONUS, right when the speed dating ends, we'll have INFINITE MOVEMENT dance instructors there to teach us some basic (BUT SUPER COOL) dance moves! Whaaat?! That's right, baby! Up your cool factor with others by learning some sexy dance moves! It's INCLUDED in your speed dating ticket!

PLUS! There will be LIVE music by Nu Jack City on the patio following the speed dating so you can stay after the event to dance the night away or just sit back and enjoy the music! We're covering half our singles' cover charge...but again, it's totally optional. (Cover charge is normally $10 that night. Our speed daters only pay a $5 cover.)


3:30 DOORS OPEN: Registration & Cash Bar Opens: Music, Laughing, Talking, Flirting & Socializing (Please do NOT arrive before 3:30pm~thank you!)

4:00 - 4:15 Announcements & Logistics: Get in your seats and put on your seatbelts! (Ladies sit down first. Gentlemen gather in special area for a brief peptalk with hostess and then all go in together .)

4:15 Speed Dating Begins at approximately 4:15!! Vrroom! [We'll speed through 4 dates (at 5-8 minutes each), take an intermission for drinks and a bathroom break, then speed through 4 more dates! It's SO much FUN!!]

5:30 Speed Dating ends...but the FUN continues! Turn in your sheets to coordinators ASAP so you'll get your results after 7pm the same night.

5:30 - 6:30 The amazing "Infinite Movement" dance instructors are going to show us some basic dance moves on the dance floor ...spinning, dipping, swinging... we'll be able to practice right then and there!

6:30 The Speed Dating Event officially ends ... get your envelope of comment cards...HOWEVER, the Food**, Music, Laughing, Talking, Flirting, Socializing can continue if you stay for live music.


6:30 - close Bridge Press Cellars will be having a LIVE band for dancing on the PATIO...Nu Jack City*! (This part is an additional bonus...we'll treat you to half price on your cover charge...totally optional!) CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event for the Nu Jack City Patio Party!   (Speed Daters get half off their cover charge for live music.)



Eventbrite Speed Dating: COVID Edition! Who was that masked (wo)man anyway?!


WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! :) We're posting on many DIFFERENT platforms (including multiple Facebook pages, Eventbrite, Google, multiple Meetup groups, Instagram, and websites) to bring in LOTS of singles.

But what works best? WORD of MOUTH. Whether you plan to go or not, would you please help us by sharing the event on social media, liking our Facebook page, and getting your friends to go? :) Let's get this out there! Please share our website with your friends:



We're doing the groups like last time by overlapping age groups. Please choose YOUR GENDER plus ONE age group that best fits your age and the ages you want to date. (Examples below.)

Women ages 30-45

Women ages 40-55

Women ages 50-65

Men ages 30-45

Men ages 40-55

Men ages 50-65

EXAMPLE A: If I am a woman who is 50 years old, I could be in either the group of "Women 40-55" or "Women 50-65". IF I prefer to date men who are older than I am, I'd choose to go into the group "Women 50-65". IF I'd prefer to date men younger than I am, I'd choose the group "Women 40-55".

EXAMPLE B: If I am a man who is 55, I could be in either the group of "Men 40-55" or "Men 50-65". IF I prefer to date women who are younger than I am, I'd choose to go into the group "Men 40-55". IF I prefer to date women older than I am, I'd buy a ticket for the group "Men 40-55".


Pre-Pay Price: $25 through Eventbrite ONLY (ends 3pm on 7-25-2020)**

Walk-ins At the Door: $40 CASH ONLY (if available) Tickets at the door will not go on sale until after 3:30pm except in categories where we're sold out. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THERE WILL BE TICKETS AVAILABLE.

Get your ticket right away! 

The last event SOLD OUT online in ALL categories and we had to turn people away at the door. Don't miss out!

**Drinks, food extra, and tips extra . (This event doesn't provide food but there is an option to order some food at the LIVE music patio party AFTER the speed dating. We won't have the option of ordering until our event ends at 6:30pm. Food will be available from 3 Ninjas that night.)

It's been TOO long since we've seen your faces...but we still have to follow COVID rules so we may not see your faces anyway!* :D Please read the COVID section below and only come if you WILL follow the rules. We HAVE to keep to the rules so the venue and related businesses are safe from repercussions.

See you there!

Love From Your Host,





Bridge Press Cellars has a limited space parking lot near them for $3 AND street bring change for the meters. They do NOT take credit/debit cards in that area. It looks like it'll be around $3 or $3.50 for parking.

If you park at a meter, read the sign on it, as rules vary depending on location and time of day. Meter Parking is enforced Monday - Saturday, 8 am - 7 pm

$1.20/hour for 2-hour meters

$.80/hour for 4-hour meters

$.40/hour for 12-hour (or all day) meters

Parking is FREE on Sundays, Holidays, and all days from 7 pm - 8 am

**Please be aware that there are quite a few homeless people in that area so be prepared with change for meters ahead of time, don't be on your phone, and walk with a purpose. We've been to Bridge Press Cellars MANY times and didn't leave until closing...and never had any trouble. IF women want an escort out to their cars after the event, we have some gentlemen who will be HAPPY to help...just see the organizers.


We are limiting the number of speed daters to 48 so that 

we are compliant to 58 people gathered together.

WE ARE REQUIRING MASKS of all our Speed Dating attendees, 

volunteers, the servers, and hosts.

DON'T like it? Neither do we...especially when we want to host a successful speed dating event!

WON'T do it? Then don't attend. We HAVE to keep to the rules so the venue and related businesses are safe from repercussions.


We don't know what the mask directive will be on July 25, but we may need to wear them...and at this point WE ARE REQUIRING THEM of all our Speed Dating attendees, volunteers, the servers, and the hosts. We do NOT want to jeopardize our host venue's business and livelihood by signing up and then not wearing a mask. WE MUST.

If this is something you are not comfortable with just don’t sign up. Lectures, snide, political comments are of no help. We can agree we're all spent by this thing. Just don't attend an event until you are ready. Cool? Feel free to message us with questions.

Name tags are mandatory at speed dating events and are especially helpful when we're all wearing masks. Again, if you don't want to play by those rules, no worries, just don't sign up.

We're working with the venue on social distancing space for this event. Bridge Press Cellars is being hugely helpful and it looks like we can follow all the rules and still have an amazing speed dating event. But, if we can't reasonably ensure safety we're not going to hold it.

Finally, if you feel sick, stay home.

We wish we could post this event with a bunch of guarantees, but we can't...but we'll do our darn tooting best!


No refunds or rain checks will be given as long as the event you signed up for takes place. In the rare chance we have to cancel an event, you will be refunded or allowed to attend a different event. We appreciate your understanding of this policy and how difficult it would be to organize events if we allowed people to just not show up and receive a rain check.

If you have signed up for an event, but are unable to attend, you have the option of selling/giving your ticket to a friend. If you would like to do this, email [email protected] and let us know the name, email, gender, age & bracket of the person taking your place.




By signing up for a Speed Dating Spokane event, you are acknowledging that Speed Dating Spokane has NOT checked the validity or backgrounds of individuals participating in speed dating events.

Speed Dating Spokane is not responsible for what happens between individuals at speed dating events or in future meetings of any kind between two individuals who met at a Speed Dating Spokane event.

Speed Dating Spokane participants agree by signing up for an event that they will indemnify and hold Speed Dating Spokane and its subsidiaries, affiliates, venues, officers, agents and other partners and or employees, harmless from any damage, claim or liability.

Photos DURING the speed dating event may only be taken and shared by the venue staff and Speed Dating staff. Photos are the property of the venue and Speed Dating. Please be courteous of others and follow this rule.

Please exercise caution when going on private dates. It is highly suggested that you follow common-sense guidelines like, but not limited to:

meet in a public busy place

only use your first name

do not give your home address

let a friend or family member know who you're with, where you're going, and time frame

check-in before and after date

don't drink more than 1 drink/hour to stay alert, etc.

Members are not screened/ background checked. Be smart and have FUN.