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We provide FUN live events for area singles to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even find a new BFF [or LOVE] through our weekly events! 

 ❤ We looooooove to host single mingles, trivia,  speed dating, game shows, dancing, weekly beach meetups, karaoke, happy hours, and more! It's just a great way to connect with others singles. You never know who you might meet...or be introduced to because of the people you meet at our events!  

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Like and follow us on Facebook to hear about our events first! :)  Like and comment on our posts that you like . . . share the ones you LOVE.  

This helps us grow and get the word out.  

And THAT means that MORE cool singles like you will learn about us and come to our events!  

AND THAT makes for more LOVE connections! 

We're all in this together!   X

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Thank you so much for your help! 

Very Sincerely, Erica :)


Why on earth would I go?!?


Where are you going to meet a room full of cool singles who are there because they WANT to date?  PLUS they have enough confidence to show up at a singles event!  That's HOT!  Not only are the guests cool, but the hosts and venue staff are way cool too! (Yes, your hosts wrote this!  Don't judge!)  

Seriously, we are really impressed with the QUALITY of people who attend.  We want to build a community of singles who have integrity.  No one is perfect.  We appreciate those who don't judge a book by its cover.  They actually use the speed dates to get a snapshot of the person inside before making a decision IF they'd want to get to know that person better or not.   [Remember, though, that no one is background checked so use common sense.]  We're all in this together so let's make it FUN! 


Mingling with a bunch more prospects, er, singles! Yes, that's right.  You will be SAVING TIME like crazy because all you have to do is SHOW UP...not to mention you'll be saving money (see next column).  

Speaking of CRAZY!  Online dating can take FOREVER to read all those profiles, correspond with a few for awhile, and FINALLY set up a date to meet ... only to be disappointed that they have OLD photos and/or there's ZERO chemistry ... or they are flat out crazy.  You can just get rid of that online dating profile now and go to our monthly events!  You'll have more FUN!

[Think of events like a pre-date. You talk for a couple of minutes ... just enough to know if there's enough interest to go out on a first date.]


Our prices run from $20 to $50/ticket (depending on venue & their options). Add an optional drink (or two) and an appetizer to support the venue/waitstaff and to stave off being hangry for your first impression. (Take it from us!  Hungry + angry = hangry = not a good look!!)

For that, you'll get multiple introductions for the price of one nice dinner date.  That's right!  Eight dates!  DANG...we should charge more!  

MANY times we offer additional bonuses before, during and/or after the actual speed dating event.  Sometimes the price is included in your ticket and sometimes it is an optional add-on.  When you buy your ticket, it will be clearly written out.

Possible bonus or add-ons: classes, dance lessons, LIVE music, dancing, activities, and MORE. 




It's the people we meet at the events that make it fun.  So relax, be yourself, and have a great time.  You will connect if you're warm and inviting to both men and women, look for the good qualities in your date, and focus on making others feel comfortable and appreciated.  But most of all, remember to enjoy yourself by letting go of expectations and just have fun with the other singles. 

We're all in this together!  X