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Join Our Singles Meet Market LIVE Venice Meetup Group!

Calling ALL

Venice Area SINGLES!

Welcome to this FUN Singles Group! We're SO glad you found us! Now that you're here, it's going to be even better! This group was created to bring together really GREAT people to do really fun things by building a COMMUNITY of quality friends. It's to help us to enjoy being single while we're single... to be present, mindful, and grateful for our lives... while still moving forward. I believe that in building this vibrant singles community together*, we can have a full and colorful life whether we are aiming for a "coupleship" or not.

My belief is that the more open we are to finding our mate...and by taking ACTION to get in front of other singles...we WILL increase our chances of finding the one with whom we want to spend our life sooner!! And in the meantime, we can make lifelong friends and build a big juicy life ... instead of staying home alone. And why not make the married folks jealous of our lives?!? 😁 After all, they're always telling us how lucky we are. Let's prove them right and enjoy the "season" we're in while we're in it!

*How can we "build this community together"? Well, thank you for asking! Here are the ways that will grow our numbers of singles involved:

  • join our group(s)-- we're on Facebook, Meetup, Nextdoor, etc (do you have other suggestions?)
  • join our email list to get notified first of events via this website
  • type positive comments and "like" posts*
  • RSVP early and honor it even when you start to get cold feet πŸ‘£
  • attend our events (even in the beginning when only two other people attend! πŸ˜‚)
  • share the events on your social media
  • ask other singles to come... and keep asking them (some people are anxious and need to be asked multiple times)
  • bring single guests with you to events
  • volunteer at events (this is how I started because I was shy/unsure)
  • suggest events
  • help host/organize events
  • check out our website (it's in the process of being updated/renamed/rebranded since I just moved from Spokane, Washington, in September 2020 and will continue to lead events up there as well. It was originally named "Speed Dating Spokane" but we weren't able to advertise on Facebook due to the word "dating" in the title! So, I changed the name and bought another domain! 😁)

Ages: We'll be honoring age groups as much as possible so make sure you're signing up for the correct age and gender groups. Tell your friends!!

Click on the photos OR the link below to find our Venice Singles Meet Market.LIVE Meetup group.

Why "Singles Meet Market .LIVE"?

  • it's a play on words, funny, catchy and memorable
  • it tells that it's it all in the title: SINGLES meet live!
  • in this digital age, we meet LIVE and in person...but we are using social media and web presence to grow our community faster
  • this name was available (we brainstormed a two page, two colum list of possible names... this was the most popular)

We'll also be gaining people attending events from Facebook, NextDoor, Google, and Eventbrite but we need everyone's help so please help spread the word!!